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Thank you Tammy for sharing the secrets of your success in business and relationship building. You have truly inspired me to take my business to the next level!

- Dick Sundel, Full Service House Sitting LLC

College and University Presentations

10 Achievement Attributes For Student Success in College and Beyond

Being a successful student isn’t just about getting good grades. Students will learn 10 effective principles and strategies that they can apply immediately to their everyday life to increase their chances for overall student success. They will learn techniques to help improve their self confidence, build close and lasting friendships, resist peer pressure, learn better communication skills and even get along better with their siblings and parents. These techniques can also be applied after college.  Armed with this awesome information students will increase their chances for achieving all of their college and life goals.

60 or 90 minute presentations or 3 hour interactive workshop

Download 10 Achievements PDF

We Follow The Leader

Knowing when to lead and when to follow is only one aspect of good leadership. Learning how to enroll others to follow and help them to develop their own leadership skills so they too can lead is the true source of all real leadership. All successful leaders know that they have not gotten to the top by themselves and no one can excel at everything. Knowing how to put together a team where each participant can lead makes a profound difference in the outcome of any project and is the true qualities of a successful leader. Going into the next decade good leadership ability and the keen knowledge of when to allow others to lead will really set the pace. We will also explore the importance of creating key alliances and joint ventures to ensure success.

60 or 90 minute presentations or 3 hour interactive workshop

Download Leadership Info PDF

The 15 Second Reputation

What is a reputation and how do you get one or how does it get you? How is it that others see you and what are they saying when you leave the room? How does your reputation affect you and those around you and the opportunities that may or may not come your way? We will propose questions for self evaluation to provoke deep soul searching to help the audience decide how they want to show up in the world. We will also define and explore the concepts of communication, commitment, integrity and responsibility and see how they all interact together to mold how they are viewed by others. They will be provided the opportunity to re-evaluate some of their own core values. Re-invention techniques will be provided that can be applied immediately.

60 or 90 minute presentations or 3 hour interactive workshop

Download 15 Second Reputation PDF

Guerrilla Goal Getting

Why do some people succeed while others fail? What does it take to actually achieve the goals we desire and what do we need to do to help ensure success? We will create clear distinctions between desire and determination and understand why trying is always lying. Techniques and tools will be provided that can be applied immediately to help in defining each goal and how to outline a daily, weekly, monthly and annual action plan to reach their desired goals. We will uncover the importance of recruiting the right team and looking for support from others to help with focus and accountability. Most importantly, the audience will be armed with ways to overcome adversity, recover from setbacks and techniques to modify actions to help them persevere.

60 or 90 minute presentations or 3 hour interactive workshop

Download Guerrilla Goal Getting PDF

The Mentors Among Us

What is a mentor and why do we need them? How can we locate the mentors that are among us in everyday life? How do we develop and nurture these types of relationships so that both parties benefit? How does the changing career climate affect the roles of mentors and protégé? What is the attraction and benefits for each? In a good mentoring relationship the attraction should be mutual between the mentor and the protégé and in a successful mentoring relationship both parties will greatly benefit. Building trust and creating mentoring strategies are just some of the obstacles the mentoring relationship will have to overcome to succeed. We will uncover the secrets to creating successful power mentoring relationships that will last a lifetime.

60 or 90 minute presentations or 3 hour interactive workshop

Download Mentors PDF