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Thank you Tammy for sharing the secrets of your success in business and relationship building. You have truly inspired me to take my business to the next level!

- Dick Sundel, Full Service House Sitting LLC

Meet Tammy

The Continuous Reinvention of “The Achievement Avatar”, Tammy Saltzman

A complete trust in her own inner voice and the unwavering courage to persevere has enabled Tammy to dream the biggest dreams, set the highest goals and consistently achieve success. One of her mom’s many mantras was always “if you can see it Tammy, then you can achieve it.” Tammy’s ability to reinvent herself time after time was built on this strong ideal as well as many other ideals she has learned along the way. Tammy has over 30 years of diversified business experience that now translates into helping others achieve their own success in life.

Hungry at an early age

Tammy’s desire to succeed started at an early age when her parents divorced in 1970 and money was tight for her mom who was left to raise 3 children on her own with very little help from her dad.  As early as 10 years old Tammy had embarked on her career in sales and marketing which included a paper route for Pennysaver, Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware.  A week after graduating from High School Tammy was on the Long Island Rail Road headed to Manhattan with a Womens Wear Daily and a roll of dimes (yes - back then calls were only 10¢) determined to get her foot in the door in the NYC Garment Center.  After landing her 1st job Tammy spent endless hours studying sales and sales marketing techniques to hone her skills and master her talents.  She studied under some of the best: Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins and Anthony Robbins.  It took 3 years of weekly phone calls but she finally landed a huge account which brought her income into the six figure range at the early age of 23. 

Relocating to Florida

Tired of the cold weather and offered the opportunity to open and manage a Nationwide Paging Company (yes - long before cell phones) at 25 years old Tammy left New York and the comfort of her family and moved to South Florida aka Paradise. It was then after she settled in that she decided to return to school to earn her college degree. It would take 8 long hard years and many sacrifices, but in 1995 at 34 years old Tammy finally earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from Barry University, in Miami, Florida. Playing the odds, she sat for the LSAT (Law School Assessment Test) and applied to the 3 South Florida Law Schools, believing another mantra; “if it’s meant to be then it will be.” When Tammy finally graduated from law school at 37 from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she was awarded “The Most Outstanding Woman of The Year Award” from the National Association of Women Lawyers.

Kismet – If it is meant to be then it shall be

When Tammy decided to relocate she contacted the only 2 people she knew in Florida. One dear friend was eager to fix her up with a tall dark handsome doctor. It would be several months before Tammy finally settled in Florida and by the time she had arrived the tall dark handsome doctor had married someone else. 12 long years and many blind dates later the still single Tammy got a call from the same dear friend…, Remember the tall dark handsome doctor? Well, he just got divorced and he wanted to meet her. Finally, at 37 Tammy would meet Barry and they would happily marry and go on to raise one of their own, Brandon, and 3 from his first marriage, Jamie, Jared and Justin. Currently, Tammy is happily getting divorced and when she is not helping Brandon with homework, she is enjoying time at the beach with her family or tending to her collection of orchids in her garden.

Practicing Law

After graduating law school Tammy quickly hung her own shingle and started applying everything she had already learned in sales and marketing into building her law practice and a very busy title company. She eventually learned the importance of building a strong team so she could delegate much of the paperwork. Tammy was then able to take on the role of Rainmaker for the company. Tammy would spend her days networking with realtors and mortgage brokers looking for new title work. Her specialty niche became offering monthly learning seminars and workshops for her clients. Tammy also was one of very few attorneys that made herself available nights and weekends when her clients were out looking at properties. This earned her enormous respect and appreciation from her clients. Tammy’s title company quickly grew, processing 125 closings a month and employing over 36 people.  Tammy still has an active real estate practice and works part-time for the prestigious law firm Ellis, Ged & Bodden, P.A. located in Boca Raton, Florida.  Tammy is looking to help build the firm's client base by adding more providers that need professional help in collecting on their outstanding PIP files.

Tammy’s AHA Moment

When the real estate market started to crash in 2007 Tammy quickly realized the need to downsize the business and think about new ways to earn income. She started to think about all of her business experiences and soon realized that while she had earned a college degree and a master’s degree not once had she learned anything about how to grow a business. She realized that while she thought she had been practicing law for the last 8 years really what she had been doing was selling legal services. Still selling, always selling, selling Tammy. AHA!

Reinvention: Rainmakerology™

Partnering with her good friend and fellow real estate attorney, Marni Belkin, 1st Choice Professional Consulting, LLC was launched in October 2008. They define Rainmakerology™ as “The Art of Developing Successful Business Relationships.” Originally designed to help coach associate attorneys who never learned any of these skills in college or law school, the business has since been expanded to include accountants, financial planners, small business owners and all types of entrepreneurs. As this new coaching business evolved Tammy quickly realized that her passion was in the speaking end of the business. Tammy handles all the speaking engagements, CLE (continuing legal education) presentations, workshops and seminars while Marni focuses on the coaching end of the business. Marni as well as all the other coaches affiliated with 1st Choice have earned their professional coaching certification. 1st Choice Professional Consulting offers executive coaching programs, business coaching programs and now also offers career coaching to accommodate students looking for some focused direction.

Taking the Message on the Road

Tammy recently launched Tammy Saltzman, Inc. This company is her speaking and products platform to reach out and touch others with her inspiring stories and profound messages. Tammy touches on subjects like goal getting, leadership, integrity, mentoring all with an emphasis on relationship development.  Helping others to achieve their dreams is what Tammy is most passionate about.  She loves speaking with teens and students hoping to help inspire them to achieve great things. Tammy speaks for colleges, corporations and associations offering 30, 60 and 90 minute presentations on a variety of interesting topics. Tammy also offers a 3 hour interactive workshop based on the Rainmakerology concepts.

Because of her passion, motivation and endless energy, Tammy is often sought after and in high demand.  She emits a vibrant positive energy that is contagious to anyone who is lucky enough to be present at one of her speaking engagements.

The Achievement Avatar Alliance

Exclusive membership in the Achievement Avatar Alliance will bring with it many membership advantages. Tammy is in the process of creating the Alliance to help network her contacts and supporters and to offer monthly personal contact and coaching from Tammy to other Achievement Avatars. It will be a great place to share, learn and prosper.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

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